Banksy "Wall and Piece"

After I saw a film "Exit through the gift shop" directed by Banksy, I felt like seeing more of his works.
So I holded this book through the library catalogue, and now here!
The library charges us for hold items, but it is so convenient.

Well, I like his style of graffiti, very cheeky and cynical. Sometimes I don't get what he wants to say, nevertheless his graffiti make me smile.


Surrealism: The Poetry of Dreams Exhibition @ GOMA, Brisbane

 The sign says:

Leave everything.
Leave Dada.
Leave your wife, leave your mistree.
Leave your hopes and fears.
Drop your kids in the middle of nowhere.
Leave the substance for the shadow.
Leave behind, if need be, your comfortable
life and promising future.
Take to the highways.

We went to see Surrealism exhibition at GOMA.
You have to pay 20AUD to see this, but definitely worth it! So much to see.
We couldn't finish seeing the whole things for 3.5hours. (We had to get out at 5pm sadly)

This exhibition utilise the large floor space effectively, with some film screens, slides, interactive guide using computers, which keep you interested. The collection itself is comprehensive with good explanations.
After seeing this exhibition, I felt that I learned so much about Surrealism.

ブリスベンのお気に入りの美術館、GOMA(Gallery of Modern Art)で開催されているシュールリアリズム展を見に行ってきました。



私的にRene Magritte, Andre Massonの作品がみどころです。


Python rock track, Lamington national park

This is the last post from our trip to Green mountains, Lamington national park.
Python rock is one of the easiest walk, very flat and only 3.5 km return, which takes just over an hour.
This track lead you to the lookout you can see a waterfall in a distance. (3rd photo is the view from the lookout)
This is a short walk, but as beautiful as any other walks.

We went to a cafe at O'Reilly (which also has a great view) after the morning short walk, then headed back to good old Brisbane. Well, we had a pretty good time in spite of coming here couple of times before and we would like to go back again.

最終日はPython rockというコースを。3.5kmと短くて、平坦。お年寄りや子供にも向いています。



Morning view from Kamarun lookout

These are the images I took from Kamarun lookout in the early morning.
This place is only a few minutes walk where we stayed.
Just simply amazing!
The altitude of the area is around 900m but most of clouds were lower than me.

これらの画像は早朝Kamarun lookoutから撮ったものです。


Albert river circuit, Lamington national park (Green Mountains)

We walked 20.6km Albert river circuit. It took about 7 hours in total including a lunch stop and short breaks.
When we started walking, it was misty as you can see the top photo, but the weather improved as we walked.

This walk had nemorous waterfalls about half way through the hike, which was the most fun part.
Everything was so green and fresh. I love Green Mountains. It is greener than any other parks I know in QLD!

今回は20.6kmAlbert river circuitを歩きました。ランチと休憩を含めて約 7時間。

私の知る限りGreen Mountainほど緑がきれいなところはないです!


The holiday home we stayed

It was my first experience to stay at a holiday home.
This place is owned by Ian's collegue's neighbour, who kindly rented us this place for cheap price.
Electricity was only supplied by solar power, so the lighting was quite dim and the decor was outdated, but apart from that, it was quite comfortable. I liked the woodfire stove, which I have tried to use it for the first time. I even cooked potatoes in it. I hope the owner let us stay there again!


特に薪ストーブが気に入りました。使うのは初めてで、慣れるのに苦労したけど。じゃがいもをフォイルにつつんで焼いてみたりもしました。 またここに滞在できるといいけど!


Mountview alapaca farm

Mountview alpaca farm is only a few minutes drive from the holiday home we stayed.
This farm has about 20 alpacas but you can only get close to one alpaca, but you can see the others in distance and can spot wallabies here and there.
The view from the deck of the cafe is quite stunning.

Mountview alpaca farmは、宿泊した別荘から車で数分のところにあります。


Fox and Hounds at Tambourine mt.

On the way to Green Mountains, we took a scenic route through Mt. Tambourine and stopped at a restaurant "Fox & Hounds Country Inn" recommended by Ian's friend.

Although the decor was not so authentic, this place had a good atmosphere and served good traditional English/Irish food.  When we arrived there, only 1 table was left. It looks like a very popular place to dine.

Green Mountainsへは少し遠回りだけどMt. Tambourineを通りぬけるルートで行き、途中、旦那さんの友人がすすめてくれたレストランに寄ってランチをしました。



Artist night at Hanasho

 It was really cold yesterday. My cold is getting worse now, but last night I was fine at an artist night event at Hanasho featuring my friend Yuki Nakano's art works.

I met her at BBQ 3-4 month ago and we have kept in touch since then. I do love her works. I would like to buy her original paintings one day when I start earning money.

でも昨夜は大丈夫でした。お友達のゆきちゃん(Yuki Nakano)の作品がWest EndHanashoさんで展示されていて、昨夜はArtist nightというイベントが行われたので参加してきました。



Happy 11th wedding anniversary

My friend recommended "Sirromet winery" for good food, so we decided to dine there for our wedding anniversay.

As we usually don't go to upmarket restaurants, I can't compare with other places, but food there was definitely more creative and tasty than any other restaurants we tried in Brisbane.

I ordered Yellow fin tuna with grapefruits and other green veggies. I can't remember the name of the source, but that was delicious,too. It was a bit pricy but we enjoyed dining there.

結婚11周年の記念に、友達からおいしいと評判を聞いていたSirromet wineryに行ってきました。




Last Saturday

Last Saturday we went to Mos burgar with my friend's couple. ( I definitely prefer Japanese Mos)
After that, we came back to our place for cakes and cups of tea.

Then we dropped the couple off at New Farm and headed to Fortitude Valley for Jazz festival.
Having heard enough Jazz, we came to cloudland bar which  my friend recommended. 
Interesting decor. Open space, futuristic and lots of greens.
I wonder how busy this place going to be in the evenings.


Fortitude Valley のジャズフェスティバルを見たかったので、友達カップルを送りつつ、Valleyへ。